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When valuing a privately held business, business appraisers need access to economic data and industry forecasts, public company financial data, merger and acquisition data, and valuation discounts and premiums. ValuationResources.com is a portal for business appraisers, business owners, and other individuals looking for valuation-related data. The site, owned by business appraiser Jerry Peters, has been in operation for several years.

However, what makes ValuationResources.com especially useful to students and librarians is its "Industry Reports" section. This section is organized by SIC (Standard Industrial Classification) code, because most business appraisers are in the habit of using the SIC code that best describes the company they are valuing for their research.

For each of the 230 SIC codes included in the section, annotated links are provided to free and fee-based sources that provide industry overview, issues and trends, industry outlook and forecasts, financial benchmarks and compensation surveys. For example, here is a sample of the links provided for SIC 205x: Bakery Products:

Industry Overview, Issues, Trends, and Outlook

The Retail Baker's Association Retail Bakery Start-up Guide http://www.rbanet.com/resources/bmbooks.htm Guide covers operating percentages and industry statistics and includes resource lists.

Compensation Surveys

Baking Business Wholesale, In-Store, & Retail Salary Surveys http://www.bakingbusiness.com/career/index.htm Salary and benefit surveys covering each segment of the baking industry. Available free online.

The list of links for each SIC is certainly not comprehesive, because site editor Jerry Peters includes only those sources that are data-rich and meet the needs of business appraisers. Still, if you have an SIC code in mind, ValuationResources.com is a great site to start an industry research project.

Jan Davis

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