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In honor of the Internet Reviews 10th anniversary, and as someone who has always enjoyed playing with new tools on the Internet, here are three sites which you may find interesting, entertaining and maybe even useful.

TouchGraph provides a Java-based applet that allows one to explore and graph connections between information resources. The Web site has several examples of using the TouchGraph software, such as Nature Navigator managed by the British Natural History Museum, which offers a Tree of Life Browser, and the LiveJournal Browser, which allows one to see connections between personal blogs on that site. Also available is a Google browser, which allows one to enter a URL and see a graphical representation of related sites and nodes. This gives a very interesting visual characterization of a Web site's neighborhood on the 'net. TouchGraph browsers are great fun to test, and one can only imagine what they might do if applied to various full text collections.

Proclaiming to be a "keyword map for the whole Internet," KwMap provides a service that allows a user to find search terms related to their topic. By entering a keyword, a user is presented with a chart that contains two axes. One axis presents terms that contain the original keyword, and the other axis presents related terms. Below this is a chart of many related terms. For example, a search for "electric car" retrieves terms such as electric car repair, and electric car parts on one axis, and terms such as electric vehicle, fuel cell, battery, hev, and hydrogen on the other. While little or no information is available on how this keyword map is constructed, KwMap is an interesting tool to explore related search terms and concepts. provides a much-needed utility to convert long URLs into short redirected URLs, which are more manageable and not as prone to breaking by line wrapping when sending via email or posting to blogs and lists. Created by Gilby Productions, is a free service, which claims it creates URLs that will never expire. This service certainly comes in handy when trying to share long urls in email and other non-permanent forums. also offers a small javascript that can be dragged to your browser's toolbar to make a quick link for creating TinyURLs. In short, provides a great service!

Sara Amato
Bowdoin College

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