TITLE: Civilrights.org:The Progressive Coalition for Equal Opportunity

ACCESS: http://www.civilrights.org

Civilrights.org was founded by the Leadership Conference on Civil Rights (LCCR), an organization recognized for supporting major U.S. civil rights legislation over the last fifty years. Civilrights.org is a social justice network that works to support "the struggle against discrimination in all its forms, but also to build public understanding." LCCR, the "nation's premier civil rights coalition," is made up of over 180 national organizations and seeks to represent the diversity of our country.

Civilrights.org covers important civil rights issues under the broad headings of equal opportunity, civic engagement, communities and families, criminal justice reform, the judiciary and human rights. In each of these areas there is information available in text, audio and video formats. Use the "Issues" menu on the home page to select a specific issue and you will be directed to a page that offers current reports along with "Why You Should Care," a "Status Report," a link to the Daily Buzz, and more valuable resources such as testimony, reports, court decisions and speeches relevant to that issue.

The "Action Center" offers background on each issue and allows the searcher to get in e-mail contact with both Federal and State officials on the issue of your choice. The "Action Center" also offers a brief introduction to the legislative process that could be useful for those unfamiliar with lawmakers and lawmaking.

The "Press Room" serves up the who, what, when, where, why and how of the Web site as well as archives of press releases and contact information for those in charge of the site. The "Research Center" includes a glossary, a searchable A-Z subject index, an outline of major civil rights Supreme Court cases, a "For Kids" section and a handy but limited timeline.

Several online publications are available simply by registering your e-mail address, including The Daily Buzz, the Breaking News Flash alert system and This Week in Civil Rights, a newsletter. The Civil Rights Monitor is a searchable quarterly online publication with accessible archives back to 1985. Also, there are easily accessed reports and curricula.

Overall, this is a well-designed and informative Web site for students of civil rights who are interested in keeping abreast of and acting on the daily news of civil rights issues in the United States.

Mary C. MacDonald
University of Rhode Island

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