TITLE: Virtual Library Museum Pages

ACCESS: http://www.icom.org/vlmp

This metasite does an excellent job of providing links to museums' web pages worldwide. The site is supported by the International Council of Museums and maintained by Jonathan Bowen. Users can submit sites for consideration, as can the museums themselves. Some specialized search criteria include virtual exhibitions, history, science, technology, art galleries, children's exhibits, library exhibits, and computer-related museums. It also includes, under "Other Lists", other museum metasites, but this one must be the mother of all. All sites are also listed alphabetically by country on the main page, and alpha by name within the country. These features make the site both browsable and searchable - both absolute musts for metasites these days. The site also provides mirror sites for easier access. Clicking on "Overview" is worth the time; it gives a thorough explanation of how the site works and how to submit other pages. Some of the sites are offered in both English and the country's native tongue. A visit to "Top Sites" (by hit volume, one presumes) reveals that, right up there with the Smithsonian is the Autry Museum of Western Heritage! All sites can be listed by name, type, or state. Bookmark this site to save hours of searching. A librarian must have had a hand in this!

Excellent site; obviously the product of many hours of hard work. Highly recommended.

Lisa K. Miller
Paradise Valley Community College Library
December 1999

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