TITLE: The Felix Posen Bibliographic Project on Antisemitism

ACCESS: telnet://har2.huji.ac.il

The Posen Bibliographic Project is an ongoing work of the Vidal Sassoon International Center for the Study of Antisemitism (SICSA) at the Hebrew University of Jerusalem. The Posen Project currently consists of three databases: an annotated (descriptive) bibliography of antisemitism (covering publications from 1984 to the present); a retrospective bibliography of antisemitism (covering materials prior to 1984, without annotations); and "The 'Jewish Question' in German-Speaking Countries, 1848-1914" (a bibliography that will eventually be expanded to also cover 1914-1933). Portions of the bibliographies have appeared in print as Antisemitism: An Annotated Bibliography, edited by Susan Sarah Cohen (1987- ), and "The Jewish Question" in German-Speaking Countries, 1849-1914: A Bibliography, edited by Rena R. Auerbach (1994). Searches can be performed by author, title, subject, journal title, or keyword. Coverage includes monographs, journal articles, collections of essays, and reports in all the major Western languages, as well as Hebrew, and full bibliographic information is provided. Search results can be manipulated, such as filtering by the date the material was added to the database, or by language.

Users can telnet directly to har2.huji.ac.il (username is SICSA, no password required) to connect to the Posen databases, or can connect through the SICSA web site, at <http://sicsa.huji.ac.il/bibsear.html> -- your WWW browser must have telnet software installed, however. They are also accessible through the Israeli University Libraries Network (username ALEPH at the above telnet site). All of the ALEPH databases are very similar to search.

From the Posen Project bibliography (or, actually, from any of the ALEPH sites), the user can type lb followed by the 3-letter abbreviation to connect to any of the other available networked sites. For example, while connected to Posen, if you were to type "lb rbi"

(without the quotes) followed by <enter>, you would connect to the "Index of Articles in Jewish Studies" (known as RAMBI, and covering materials since 1985); "lb cjd" <enter> would connect you to the Contemporary Jewry Database of the Avraham Harman Institute of Contemporary Jewry at Hebrew University; "lb bas" <enter> connects you once again to SICSA's annotated bibliography of antisemitism; "lb ret" <enter> connects you to the retrospective bibliography, etc. The command "base" <enter> displays other ALEPH sites that one can connect to. Type "start" <enter> while in any of the databases to display its opening screen; type "stop" <enter> to disconnect from any of the databases and leave the Hebrew University. These databases are very easy to use, and should be of interest to faculty and students (especially graduate) in Jewish Studies, Sociology and History. The Posen Project can provide a wealth of citations relating to antisemitism in its broadest sense, including the Holocaust and Holocaust denial.

John A. Drobnicki
York College Library/CUNY
September 1998

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