TITLE: World War One: Trenches on the Web

ACCESS: http://www.worldwar1.com.

As the twentieth century ends, there is an increased interest in the major events that occurred at the beginning of the century. World War One: Trenches on the Web has been developed and regularly maintained since 1996 by a private individual, Mike Iavarone. A network administrator by profession with an avid amateur interest in World War I, Iavarone has produced a comprehensive and highly accessible clearinghouse of materials relating to this period of history. Endorsed by the Great War Society and by the History Channel, Trenches on the Web is an outstanding example of a multimedia tool for the study of modern history.

Upon reaching the site, the searcher is initially overwhelmed by the somewhat rambling home page, which takes up five screens. By the third screen, visitors discover a number of thoughtfully constructed finding aids, most allowing different paths of access to all of the site's contents.

The academic researcher will find the "Reference Library" section the most useful. The "Site at a Glance" flow chart maps out the site's contents, by subject and format. The chart offers quick access to such resources as original documents, a war atlas, photo archives, statistics, artwork, books, reviews, and a virtual reality hall. The "Exhibit" section features primary data including twenty thumbnail photos, maps of the major theaters of action, and a timeline of the war. For the researcher who wishes to sample current discourse on the Great War, clear links are provided to an unmoderated discussion group as well as to an Internet Relay Chat (IRC) session. Another service provided within the "Reference Library" is a comprehensive list to other external compilations of World War I materials, including several academic reading lists and bibliographies. Links are provided as well to not-for-profit World War I poster reproduction businesses as well as to booksellers.

While World War One: Trenches on the Web may not be a scholar's first source of World War I information, this site nonetheless provides an original and content-rich gathering point for many supplementary research resources. Recommended for undergraduate and graduate historians as well as for teachers seeking multimedia class materials.

Jane Duffy
Ohio State University

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