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Founded as a nonprofit scientific publisher dedicated to providing critical reviews of current research literature, Annual Reviews has distinguished itself as a vital resource within scientific and academic communities. Annual Reviews Sociology, now in its twenty-second year, is one of a series of 26 publications produced by Annual Reviews. Other Annual Reviews titles range from political science, to life and physical sciences in biology and astronomy respectively.

As the first publication within the Annual Reviews family to have an Internet site, Annual Reviews Sociology On-line <ital.> is essentially a mechanism to provide visitors with the ability to purchase full text articles from the print version of Annual Reviews Sociology. Given only the ability to view an abstract, visitors may purchase the full text of an article for five dollars.

Articles in Annual Reviews Sociology <ital.> are grouped in general classifications, ranging from social process, urban and rural sociology, and historical sociology. Generally articles tend to be less quantitative in comparison to articles published in the American Sociological Review . A commitment to provide analysis of timely issues is evident in recent articles concerning environmental sociology, white-collar crime, and family violence. Annual Reviews Sociology contributors are generally sociologists and other social scientists from related disciplines.

Somewhat misleading is a statement on the home page that states that full text articles are available from 1993-1996. What this actually means is that the full text of articles from 1993 to 1996 may be search by keyword or concept but only the abstract of an article will be yielded. The entire database offers abstracts to articles from 1984 to 1996.

Overall this site has a relatively clean and welcoming appearance, wisely choosing to avoid the current trend of garish themes in web page design. Targeted specifically for academics and researchers in the sociology community, Annual Reviews Sociology On -line will serve as a valuable resource for those desiring to keep abreast of current research literature in sociology.

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