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This primary focus of this unique site includes a multitude of images from a collection of Catholic museums. It will appeal to Catholics, students of these artworks or anyone wishing to enjoy these remarkable images. It also includes vast amounts of information on other aspects of Catholicism; international news sources; human rights events and information; and educational items. The site is easy to navigate once the overall organization is understood.

The images of the artwork are incredible. Included are high resolution images from the Sistine Chapel; the Vatican museums, as well as other churches, cathedrals, and monastaries. The images are remarkable in their breadth, scope and quality. The sheer number of images allows one to spend hours roaming through the museum's paintings or focusing on smaller sections of large works such as the numerous parts of Michaelangelo's Sistine Chapel ceiling. One who hasn't enjoyed the pleasure of viewing the original works will delight in the chance to view these images. Those who have seen these works will undoubtably take pleasure in the memories these famous paintings will invoke. Students of all ages can visit the museums and study not only the images of the paintings but can take advantage of the history of particular churches and museums.

Other sections of the site will appeal to particular audiences. They cover the Vatican; Pope John Paul II's addresses, messages, letters and speeches on Biblical as well as social issues. It also includes information on the Marian movement of priests. There is a direct link to the Vatican Web site.

The GO INTERNATIONAL segment inludes worldwide educational listings of programs for high school through post graduate education in virtually all subject areas. For more information one is encouraged to order the book from which it is based: Guide To International Schools by Andrea M. Bensaia. The information is useful on its own. This, as well as an On-line Resume service appear to be the only two commercial aspects of this server.

The executive director of Christus Rex, Michael Olteanu, is responsible for the design of the server as well as its views and texts. He has chosen to cover news events that are very Anti-Communist/Pro-Democracy. It is understandable considering the time he spent in prison after he was captured by the KGB for his work in the Anti-Communist underground. After several Congressmen and then President Gerald Ford interceded on his behalf he was released and now lives in the United States.

Overall, Michael Olteanu has done a remarkable job of compiling a multi-faceted collection of images and materials. Scholars, librarians, students, and the general public will enjoy and benefit from the information included in this web.

Emily Chasse
Elihu Burritt Library
Central Connecticut State University

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