TITLE: New York-Israel Project

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A large Jewish gopher available on Internet is the New York-Israel Project which exists to "create a network for Jewish religious, educational and social service organizations worldwide to...share information and data among themselves".

Of interest to scholars is the JSJeJ Abstract Review (jewstudies@israel.nysernet.org), "a monthly review of items found in Jewish Studies print journals". This is a listserv to which you may subscribe, and the archives are housed here under 'Electronic Journals/Jewish Studies Judaica eJournal'.

Among the databases already established are:

1. Tanach - an online Tanach, divrei Torah and other commentaries on Jewish Bible and texts (listed under 'Jews and Judaism').

2. Answers - "text and graphics answering attacks on Judaism by Holocaust revisionists and Christian missionaries (listed under 'Holocaust Information').

3. Sephardic Electronic Archive (SEA) - part of whose purpose is to exchange information about Sephardic Jewry, announcing conferences and "research conducted in other geographical areas". (listed under 'Jewish Lists').

The entire gopher site is enormous but fairly easy to use. Although it is directed at the general Jewish public it has many materials that would be of use to teachers or students of Jewish studies. The information seems to be fairly up to date with the oldest I found being from 1990. Much documentation is available about the project and there are many plans for expansion. Hopefully more access will be added to the Jewish libraries section that just the Jewish Theological Seminary.

Another useful aspect of the gopher is that it acts as a gateway to many other gophers of potential interest to Jewish studies, especially selection 8, Israeli gophers, which leads to such databases as Scientific Research Israel (Israel Projects/Israel Science research and Development/Scientific_Research) and special editions of the Jerusalem Post (Israel Projects/Israel Info/Jerusalem-Post)".

The New York-Israel Project is administered by Warren Burstein (warren@israel.nysernet.org) and Chaim Dworkin (chaim@israel.nysernet.org) under the direction of Avrum Goodblatt (goodblat@israel.nysernet.org).

Elaine Hoffman
Government Documents and Reference Librarian
Frank Melville Jr. Library
SUNY at Stony Brook
February 17, 1994

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