TITLE: Carnegie Endowment for International Peace

ACCESS: http://www.ceip.org/

The Carnegie Endowment for International Peace (CEIP) is a think tank in Washington, D.C., dedicated to advancing cooperation among nations and promoting active international engagement by the United States. The nonprofit, nonpartisan organization publishes Foreign Policy magazine, conducts research, publishes books and policy papers, and sponsors conferences on international topics. Founded in 1910 by Andrew Carnegie, the organization has a long history of studying war and promoting peace and international cooperation.

The CEIP Web site provides full-text policy papers on topics ranging from the situation in Afghanistan to tensions between India and Pakistan to the political and economic crisis in Argentina to U.S-Taiwan-China relations. Russian politics is another strong area of interest; the CEIP has a center in Moscow. Most of the policy briefs on the site were written by the CEIP staff, which includes academics, journalists, and people who have worked in government and foreign service. Like the articles in Foreign Policy magazine, the papers are readable. They are not academic journal articles, but scholarly essays of opinion. At the end of each paper, rather than footnotes, there is a list of related resources.

The site also includes audio and video programs. Media selections include speeches by CEIP staff experts and visiting government officials from Russia and other countries. A recent video on the site is a speech by President Musharraf of Pakistan. Audio programs are available of panels of experts on subjects such as China and the WTO, nuclear nonproliferation, Russia and Central Asia, Africa and Islam, and other topics. The site also includes transcripts of presentations and specialized resources related to topics under discussion. For example, the Pakistan presentation is accompanied by related sources, including a map of Pakistan's nuclear facilities.

The site includes a helpful search function. A search on Afghanistan brings up 244 matches, including CEIP articles and external sources. Another useful feature is the CEIP library page, which includes links to other peace and conflict organizations, plus links to reference sources, area studies, and international relations Web sites.

This site would be helpful to students and faculty who are looking for policy papers on international conflict or who are interested in analyzing speeches by prominent people in the field of international relations.

Susan E. Clark
University of Washington

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