Patrick Rael collection (sample)

Patrick Rael '86

1.    What is it?  Describe its form and contents.

This is a collection of the personal and professional correspondence of Patrick Rael, Bowdoin College history professor from ... yadda yadda.

2.    When was it made?  By whom?  Why?

The original documents are those of the historical subject himself, prepared from yadda yadda

The collection was compiled in xxxx by Rael's beloved students, and deposited in the College archive in yadda yadda

3.    Who appears in it?

4.    How is it organized?

5.    How do you use it?  Does it have finding aids or supplemental material?

6.    How do you get access to it?  Where is it physically located, and what strictures (if any) are placed on access?

7.    What kinds of questions can it answer?