Hi! My name is Mohammad Tanvir Irfan (he pronouns). I'm the John F. and Dorothy H. Magee Associate Professor at Bowdoin College, with a joint appointment between Digital & Computational Studies (DCS) and Computer Science (CS). I'm also the Director of DCS. I got my PhD in CS from Stony Brook University in 2013 and joined Bowdoin's CS Department immediately afterwards. Since then I've been thoroughly enjoying my time here.

I always tell the story that I declined tenure-track offers elsewhere to come to Bowdoin as a one-year visitor (that too on an F1 visa) for two reasons: the Bowdoin students and a freshly brewing idea of creating an interdisciplinary program. I helped create that program called DCS, which I take great pride in. As evident, my one-year visit turned into a tenure-track appointment and subsequently led to tenure and promotion and recently an endowed chairship.

My research interests lie in the interdisciplinary areas combining AI with social networks (e.g., influence in the U.S. Senate), economics (e.g., microfinance markets), and art (e.g., authenticating Jackson Pollock). Within AI, my expertise is in computational game theory and probabilistic graphical models (learning and inference). One of my career highlights is winning the Best Paper Award with an undergrad student. My research is supported by a prestigious NSF grant.

Teaching is the joy of my life, and the amazing Bowdoin students are like my batteries! They keep me energized for my teaching and research. In my leisure time, I love playing and watching soccer.

If Winter comes, can Spring be far behind? -- Percy Bysshe Shelley