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CS 231: Introduction to the Design and Analysis of Algorithms

Fall 2005: M, W 1:00 - 2:25 in Searles 126

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This course is an introductory undergraduate course on the design and analysis of algorithms building on the concepts from CS210 (Data Structures). It introduces a number of basic algorithms for a variety of problems such as searching, sorting, selection and graph problems like spanning trees and shortest paths. It discusses analysis techniques, such as recurrences and amortization, as well as algorithm design paradigms such as divide-and-conquer, dynamic programming, and greedy algorithms.

Prerequisites: CS 210 and either CS 189 or Math 200 (or permission of instructor)

Instructor: Laura Toma
Office: 219 Searles Hall
Email: ltoma AT bowdoin.edu (replace AT with @)

Office hours: M,W after class 2:30-4pm. I will normally be in the office the evening before homework is due, but do not take it for granted and do not rely on it! Also, you can drop by for a quick question any time I am in the office (and in a good mood). Or, just send me an email to setup a (different) time.

Class Email: csci231 AT bowdoin.edu (replace AT with @)

Class webpage: http://www.bowdoin.edu/~ltoma/teaching/cs231/fall05/

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Homework assignments will be made available online as the semester progresses. Since solutions are handed out the day the homework is due, no credit is given for homework problem solutions received late. For special situations contact Laura (in advance). Homework policy: