[Bowdoin Computer Science]

CSci 107: Introduction to Computer Science

Spring 2004

Mon, Wed 11:30 - 12:55 in Searles 126, Lab Thu 2:30 - 3:55 in Searles 128

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This course provides a broad overview of computer science. You will learn about the basic areas of the discipline--algorithms (the foundation of computer science), what goes on inside a computer, how to design an algorithm and write a program to solve a problem on the computer, how your program is translated to a form the computer can "understand," some theory (can a computer solve anything?), social issues, and some applications in networks, artificial intelligence and environmental studies. Weekly labs provide experiments with concepts presented in class. Programming is done in C++.

This course is required for majors, but is a self-contained course designed to appeal to non-majors looking for a general introduction to computer science.

Prerequisites: None! No previous knowledge of computer science is required.

Instructor: Laura Toma
Office: 219 Searles Hall
Email: ltomaATbowdoin.edu (replace AT with @)

Office hours: Mon, Wed 1-2, Tue 2:30-3:30, Thu 4-5. Send me an email to set up a different time.

Class Email: csci107ATbowdoin.edu (replace AT with @)

Class webpage: http://www.bowdoin.edu/~ltoma/teaching/cs107/spring04/
Bowdoin class webpage: http://academic.bowdoin.edu/courses/f03/csci107

Main topics:

Course material:

Grading policy

Attendance is required for all scheduled class and lab meetings.

Course Outline

Date Topic Notes, Reading
Jan 26 Introduction and overview. L0.ppt, Chapter 1
Jan 29, Febr 2 Algorithm design. L1.ppt, L2.ppt, Chapter 2
Febr 4, 9, 11, 16 Efficiency of algorithms. L3.ppt, L4.ppt, L5.ppt, L6.ppt, Chapter 3
Febr 19 EXAM 1 Chapter 1, 2, 3, practice-exam1.doc
Febr 23, 25 Logic, gates, circuits. Chapter 4
March 1, 3 Machine organisation. Chapter 5
March 8 Programming languages. Chapter 6
March 10, 29, 31, April 5, 7 Programming in C++. Chapter 7, C++basics.ppt, practice-exam2.doc
April 12 EXAM 2 Chapter 4, 5, 6, 7
April 14 C++ graphics programming. graphics.ppt
April 19, 21 Turing machines and computability. Chapter 10
April 22 Special topics:
Artificial intelligence (Chapter 12) or
Applications of Computer Science to Environmental Studies and Geographic Information Systems
April 26 Social issues: Student presentations.
In-class discussion and team meeting.
Chapter 14, Presentation guideline
April 28 Sonia Weinhaus, Astrid Rodriguez, Kevin Mullins:
Computer crime. Trusted computing.
April 29 Hai Anh, Connor Carpenter:
Gender Issues.
Tori Parker, Chris Sullivan:
Cyberspace and cyberights; Privacy and anonimity.
May 3 Charles Tickotsky, Dan Yingst, Tom Rodriguez:
Patriot Act, Carnivore, TIA.
May 5 Tori Parker, Chris Sullivan:
Cyberspace and Cyberights; Privacy and anonimity.
Bryan Ciborowski, Chris Field:
Copyright and intelectual property. Digital copyright law.
May 6 Adam Kinney, Sam Kolins, Will Morris:
Encryption and data security.
May 10 Final Review
May 10 Review, discussion and evaluations.
May 18 at 9am FINAL EXAM Chapter 7, 10, 14

Students are expected to follow the Bowdoin Computer Use Policy and the Academic Honor Code.