New England Technical Services Librarians

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Rick J. Block
Boston College

Karl Fattig,
Bowdoin College

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Bowdoin College Library

Tools for Cataloging Internet Resources

A resource list prepared for the NETSL Spring Meeting, April 12, 1996, Worcester, Mass.

Presentation Overheads

Rick Block's Overheads, etc.
Karl Fattig's Overheads, etc.
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Cataloging Manuals

Cataloging Internet Resources: A Manual and Practical Guide (OCLC)
Remote Access Computer File Serials (CONSER Cataloging Manual)

Other Documentation

Field 856 Guidelines (LC)
OCLC Bibliographic Formats & Standards
OCLC MARC Geographic, Country, Language Codes
USMARC documentation
OCLC Format Integration Phase I and Phase II.
Internet Resources for Cataloging (1995, Vianne Sha)

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The InterCat Project

InterCat Catalog (OCLC)
InterCat Discussion Group Archives
InterCat: Internet Cataloging Project (OCLC) Home Page
NetFirst (OCLC)
OCLC's PURL (Peristent URL) Home Page

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Other Groups/Individuals

ALCTS Task Force to Define Bibliographic Access in the Electronic Environment
By the Lake: Cataloging Internet Resources (Mary Rowe)
Cataloging and Indexing of Electronic Resources (IFLA)
Cataloging Internet Resources Workshop (U. Toronto)
Cataloging the Internet (Judith Brugger)
Guidelines for Cataloging Internet Resources (Vianne Sha)
The Interactive Electronic Serials Cataloging Aid (IESCA)(Northwestern U.)
LITA Internet Resources Interest Group
Serials in Cyberspace: Collections, Resources, and Services (Birdie MacLennan)

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Research Studies

Assessing Information on the Internet (OCLC research report)
Change in Definition of Computer File in Leader/06 (MARBI Discussion Paper 92)
Mapping the Dublin Core Metadata Elements to USMARC (MARBI Discussion Paper 86)
OCLC/NCSA Metadata Workshop Report
Proceedings of the Organizing the Global Digital Library Conference
Proceedings of the Seminar on Cataloging Digital Documents

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