Never pronounce the letter H (hache): alcohol, ahora, humano, Honduras, holocausto.
Do not combine H with any consonants other than C. CH always sounds as is "cheers."
Hard C sound: /k/ as in kiss
S/Z sound:/s/ or /th/ as in sink/think
Hard G sound:
/g/ as in get
Soft G sound: /h/ as in hen
ca que qui co cu
za ce ci zo zu
ga gue gui go gu
ja je ji jo ju ge gi
buscar, busqué
realizar, reali
pagar, pagué
As you see, vowels e and i are exceptional in their combination with g and c.
The words que, quien, guerra and guitarra may help you remember these spelling changes.
No double consonants except rr, ll, cc and nn ph → f : filosofía
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