Bowdoin College 911 Addresses

911 addresses are to be used for emergencies, GPS location information, and deliveries of hazardous materials.

For mailing and common carrier addresses, please refer to the Departmental Listing in the online directory.

(Buildings are listed alphabetically in the left column and their 911 address is listed in the right column.)

As of August 2019 the official version of this list can be found at:

Location 911 Address
10 Cleaveland Street 10 Cleaveland Street
10 South Street 10 South Street
100 Harpswell 100 Harpswell Road
12 Cleaveland Street (Bowdoin Orient) 12 Cleaveland Street
16 Cleaveland Street 16 Cleaveland Street
18 Cleaveland Street 18 Cleaveland Street
216 Maine 216 Maine Street
7 Boody Street - Reed House 7 Boody Street
79 Federal Street 79 Federal Street
8 Cleaveland Street 8 Cleaveland Street
80 Federal 80 Federal Street
82 Federal 82 Federal Street
85 Federal Street 85 Federal Street
Adams Hall 2 N. Campus Drive
Appleton Hall 11 S. Campus Drive
Ashby House 254 Maine Street
Asian Studies Program Offices 38 College Street
Banister Hall - Chapel 14 N. Campus Drive
Baxter House 10 College Street
Boody-Johnson House 256 Maine Street
Brunswick Apartments Bldg A - B 4 Longfellow Ave
Brunswick Apartments Bldg C - D 2 Longfellow Ave
Brunswick Apartments Bldg E - J 279 Maine Street
Brunswick Apartments Bldg K - L 279R Maine Street
Brunswick Apartments Bldg M - O 281 Maine Street
Brunswick Apartments Bldg P - Q 283R Maine Street
Brunswick Apartments Bldg R - X 283 Maine Street
Buck Fitness & Wellness Center 11 N. Campus Drive
Burnett House 232 Maine Street
Burton-Little House - Admissions 255 Maine Street
Chamberlain Hall 8 Highrise Row
Childrens Center 6 South Street
Childrens Center Offices 4 South Street
Cleaveland House 75 Federal Street
Coleman Hall 1 S. Campus Drive
Coles Tower 5 Coles Tower Drive
Copeland House 88 Federal Street
Counseling Services 32 College Street
Craft Barn 257 Maine Street
Cram Alumni House 83 Federal Street
Druckenmiller Hall 2 Polar Loop
Dudley Coe Building 29 College Street
Edward Pols House 5 Bath Road
Edwards Art Center 14 South Street
Farley Field House 35 Watson Drive
Fort Andross 14 Maine Street
Gibson Hall 251 Maine Street
Gustafson House 261 Maine Street
H & L Administration 253 Maine Street
Ham House 3 Bath Road
Harpswell Road Apartments 80 Harpswell Road
Hatch Science Library 7 N. Campus Drive
Hawthorne-Longfellow Library 5 College Street
Heating Plant 9 N. Campus Drive
Helmreich House 238 Maine Street
Howard Hall 19 South Street
Howell House 228 Maine Street
Hubbard Hall 9 S. Campus Drive
Hyde Hall 7 S. Campus Drive
Jewett Hall 15 South Street
Kanbar Hall 12 Bath Road
Ladd House 14 College Street
Lubin Family Squash Center 31 Watson Drive
MacMillian House 5 McKeen Street
Maine Hall 10 N. Campus Drive
Massachusetts Hall 6 Bath Road
Mayflower Aparments 14 Belmont Street
McLellan Building 85 Union Street
Memorial Hall - Pickard Theater 4 Bath Road
Moore Hall 25 College Street
Morrell Gymnasium 6 Polar Loop
Moulton Union 6 S. Campus Drive
Multicultural House 30 College Street
Mustard House 234 Maine Street
Osher Hall 29 South Street
Outdoor Leadership Center 39 Harpswell Road
Pickard Field House 37 Watson Drive
Pine Street Apartments 1 Pine Street
Quinby House 250 Maine Street
Rhodes Hall 9 Bath Road
Riley House 7 Bath Road
Roux Center 38 Harpswell Road
Russwurm African-American Center 6 College Street
Sargent Gymnasium 15 N. Campus Drive
Searles Science Building 233 Maine Street
Sills Hall 1 N. Campus Drive
Smith House 59 Harpswell Road
Smith Union 8 Polar Loop
Stowe Hall 17 South Street
Stowe House Inn 63 Federal Street
Studzinski Recital Hall 12 South Campus Drive
Thorne Hall 13 South Street
Tin Building 10 Watson Drive
Visual Arts Center 239 Maine Street
Walker Art Building 245 Maine Street
Watson Arena 27 Watson Drive
West Hall 27 South Street
Whittier Field - Hubbard Grandstand 31 Bowker Street
Whittier Street Warehouse 19 Whittier Street
Winthrop Hall 6 N. Campus Drive
Womens Resource Center 24 College Street