Sisters visit Maine Vacation

Let the grouchiness begin!

Okay, we're here, but you can't MAKE us have fun!

Train to Rockland

Crossing the mighty Kennebeck en route to Rockland

Heated Argument

Sisters arguing over who is David's favorite aunt. This went on the entire vacation.

Traveling Travails

Mom wishes desperately...'Please, no more french onion soup!'

Our train

Old Engine 489

Lunch at the station Cafe

First order of business in Rockland: food!

Rockland Harbor

Off roading

Mom forces us to take what she assures us will be a shortcut

Where's the lighthouse?

We stare wishfully at the lighthouse in the distance

The Rockland Lighthouse

There's the lighthouse and breakwater...and we never got any closer, I'm afraid.


Unless you count the maximum zoom of my camera

More of the harbor

Cupula from outside

Inside the cupula

Inside the cupula, or widow's walk, atop 85 Federal Street

Brunswick Cemetary

Walking by Joshua L. Chamberlain's gravesite

Obstructed view of 85 Federal

85 Federal (Old President's House)

Unknown Flowers

Flowers Mom said she could identify if I took a photo

Lunch a Grand City

Yet another meal bought for me! I could get used to this!

Giant staircase in Harpswell


Is Aunt Freeda getting sea sick?

Investigating the tidal pools

Look what the tide brought in!

Staircase (cont.)

Mom explains something to a captivated audience

Staircase (cont.)

Looking over towards Phippsburg

Obstructed view of the Atlantic

Deep Thoughts

Surf, seaweed, etc.




A notch in the stairs

Looking east

Cribstone Bridge

The world's only cribstone bridge.

Harpswell Cemetery

Looking for the Witch of Harpswell

Harpswell Meetinghouse

Built in 1758, the Meeting house is one of 40 National Historic Landmarks in Maine

Harpswell Cemetary

Never did find the witch's gravesite

Meeting house Interior

Old Cattle Pound


Getting out the maps

Planning the escape...

More please!

Aunt Edna tries to avoid spitting out her tofu ice cream. Aunt Freeda glares with determination to get it down. Mom very daintily nibbles away