2005 Maine Moose Tour

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Daily Journals

Day 1: South Paris to Dixfield. (54.2)

Most people got on the road about 6:30am. I waited until about 8:15. The baggage truch leaves at 8:30, so I was kinda pushing it. Since it was only a 55 mile ride I figured if I left too early I would end up hanging around the campground all afternoon with nothing to do. Of course, it meant I also slept through the free breakfast this morning. I am not sick of Cliff Bars yet, so they make a fine breakfast for now.

Even with my late departure, I ended up overtaking quite a few people before I got to Canton. No mountains or anything today, but there were some wicked steep hills. I didn't walk up any but plenty of people did. Wouldn't want to try them on a tandom and lots of folks are riding those.

The campground here has a nice view of a big old mountain. I think we will be doing mountains or at least the foothills tomorrow. Dinner will be in a few minutes and when I am back the sun will be down far enough that I will be able to sleep. I will read for a bit and then knock off.

Day 2: Dixfield to Rangeley (45.8)

Yeah, I would call these mountains today. The climb to Rangeley was a bit rough. I did get a slightly early start today and I did have the free breakfast (I guess I should call it the pre-paid breakfast). mooseville.com was amusing and I picked up a few trinkets for folks there.

I have found these recumbent bikes people are riding are a lot like semis. I pass them going up hills and they pass me going down them. They look comfy to sit in, but I am not sure I would like them for hills. Don't know how you put your weight into it to power up a hill.

No organized meal tonight, but I am eating now at the Red Onion. Ordered the homemade pot roast. Sounded good--you really build up an appetite cycling. I am also looking at the dessert list...

Tomorrow there is no riding. It is a day off. I plan to spend it at the public library. I have discovered that my plan to use my phone to tick off my progress isn't going to work because I get no data coverage out here. Thought that might happen. Oh well, I should be able to add it at the library tomorrow anyway.

Day 4: Rangeley to Bethel (69.2)

Very pleasant day today even though I did get a flat and ended up being stationary for the better part of three hours. It was okay though. I got two new tires, met some nice people, and got plenty of rest. The climb to Height of Land was tough-ish, but the view was excellent.

The support on this tour is really great. Everyone is very nice and the whole tour has a nice social feel. Of course, being me, I don't make the most of it, but it is still nice to see it around me! I am getting a bit tired of Peak bars and gaterade, but I am coping.

Even though I lost three hours I still managed to pass a couple of people outside of Bethel so I wasn't the last person into camp. Just got back from dinner and it was pretty tasty. Lasagna seems to be the main staple for cycling dinners.

Day 5: Bethel to Fryeburg (44.5)

Very pretty ride today. Bicycled to the top of Evan's Notch without resting. Had to really squeeze the brakes coming down the other side though. I was moving at a good clip all day today. Maybe it is the new tires or maybe it is the knowledge that I don't have to save my energy for a whole bunch more rides. Today's ride was full of lovely mountain streams all along the way. Still haven't seen a moose, but I am not too worried. If I don't see one on this tour, I do have the advantage of actually living in Maine, so unlike a lot of people here, I don't feel the same urgency to see one...

Went to see the Zing Zang Generic Jug Band tonight at the campground (which was the 4H fairgrounds) and they were a lot of fun until I was driven away by the mosquitoes. The showers are great at this place too. Little things like that can make a big difference on these trips.

Day 6: Fryeberg to South Paris (37.5)

Last day and I am waiting at the school to be picked up! Got here around 10:30am! I was really flying today. Today's ride was pretty much out of the foot hills of the white mountains, but there were still some good hills. It was a great trip, but I am looking forward to sleeping indoors and taking it easy for a day or two.

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