Joneses in Maine Vacation

Almost Lunch

Tried for lunch at Frontier, but they were closed for some snobby wedding we weren't invited to apparently.

I can't believe I'm still in Little Saigon

Gave us a chance to try something new!

Soup's On

These soup bowls are not to be confused with medium or small.

Portland welcomes us

It was actually a lot of stormy shopping.

Bike Taxi

I've heard there is big money in this.

Heading into Flatbread

At the top left you can see the tail fin of the Carnival Glory docked at Portland.

Awaiting pizza

More shopping

You have to just let it take its course

Picturesqe Portland side street.

Swedish Tease

This store always calls to the Swedes in the family

Heading for Scarborough Beach

We called ahead and had the leaf-peepers removed so we wouldn't be annoyed.

Leaf peep

Atlantic Ahead

I always like hearing the ocean as you crest the last hill before the beach.

Seeking the Cliff Walk

There is a nifty walk you can take that apparently Winslow Homer enjoyed along the rocks and cliffs. But there isn't much information about it. We didn't get to it.


Traditional Maine sailor-type

Rebecca laughing or screaming

It is so hard to tell

A time for contemplation...

Leaving the beach

Rebecca drives us to Wiscasset

I distinctly heard her use the famous "I'm going to reach back and slap someone and I don't care who!" line.

She found a parking spot on the outskirts of town

And so the long march begins

The reward? More shopping

Vegan Pizza at Sara's Cafe!

They even have daiya cheese!

Manly adventure

Finally shedding ourselves of the womenfolk, Rebecca's father and I saught out epic adventure

Great Fall colors

Handling the white rapids

Runaround pond is not for the faint of heart!

It may look calm, but...

Ho Hum

We didn't even mention this. I had forgotten all about it until I saw the photo later. Whatever.

The path less traveled

The river starts to disappear at this point and we start moving into reedy streamlets

Kayaks only

You wouldn't get a canoe through this

On and on

Would be fun to see just how far you can go on these.