Mom's 312th Birthday Vacation

First some eyebrow threading

...oh, and some Indian food too, I guess

Pre-birthday hike begins

Joe is scattering breadcrumbs.

Tris leads the way

City Folk

They have so many questions about the woodlands.

Tree view

I was about 700 ft off the ground when I took this photo.

One word: Epic

My spectators

Slurb mixes it up

Turnaround point.

Ann said something about this pond showing the truth about people. Probably just a legend.

Civil War grave?

Ann described this tombstone, but I was busy scaling trees and missed the details.

More of me in a tree

What a treat this must have been for Mom. I am a good son.

Ann shows off

No greenhorn, Ann walked the whole way back with her eyes closed.

Out of formation

I rarely got this group to march in step

Mom rests from her hike

Tris is ready for more!

Jasons not allowed

Rules are you have to take off your shoes...and Jason, of course, isn't allowed in at all.

Finishing a flip

Ann wasn't watching!

The trampoline diet

Best after much pizza and beer.

Slurb warms up

Pile Driver!

Its like he's spider-man!

Outstanding decor

Just not sure why it is in the garage...


Mike discusses his craft.

Shark Attack

My birthday is coming up, btw...

Lizzie wins!!!!!!!!!!


Slurb soaks up the togetherness time

Hoot Owl Cabin

Epic Victory

Might have been nice to let Mom win I suppose.

Breadsticks time!

But where is Battlezone?

Birthday Carnage

David says: "Find your happy spot"

Slurb does not approve

Slurb is not amused

Cake and Gifts


I took many

World's most uncomfortable chair

Francis on a stair

Francis and hangers-on

Even with PhotoShop, this is the best we can ever hope for.

Dinner in Fort Wayne

Beet Chocolate Cake