Halloween 2010 Vacation

Where a life sentence is a death sentence.

Something unspeakable is caged within.

So lonely!

I'm sure my wife will be out soon...

Our prisoners NEVER complain!

One tried to scale the fence. The other one just annoyed the Warden.

The fences aren't electrified, but they ARE dangerous.

Prisoner #167895

The Warden's pet and guard

She enjoys a warm cup of blood before going to sleep for the night.


Rebecca is coming out any moment now; I am sure of it!

New tombstones!

Oldies but goodies

And the old standbys still get good reactions

Always watching

The Warden has ways of seeing what is going on

Skeleton and Wolfman

I thought they looked particularly good this year.

Processing a prisoner...

Last couple of years I felt like I hadn't been getting strong enough reactions, so I decided to amp it up a bit.

Don't be afraid...I've got candy!

I was responsible for at least three instances of screaming children saying: "I'm not going!" My work is done.

Eat your prisoners...

and you grow up to be a big and strong spider!

A final pan through the grisley scenes...

Until next year!!!!

This year: Haunted Prison Yard. Them's as die are the lucky ones. Movie