New Mexico 2010 Vacation

Day 1 of captivity

Trapped at the in-laws! 78 degree weather every day, endless food, drink, and satellite TV. Waking up between 9 and 10am every morning. Brutal.

Forced reading in the exercise yard.

Then I had to leisurely read my book in the sunshine on the courtyard each morning until I fell asleep in my chair....always under the steely gaze of the prison Doberman.

Tent Rocks?

On the second day we went to go visit the tent rocks. I heard they were interesting, but I didn't know they would be dome-shaped tents!

Seeking the way

Here we see our guide looking for the trail. "I think there is a bridge here somewhere..."


David and I, our throats burned dry, for just a taste of water...

Cochiti Dam

How good our we? We planned to hike in the desert, and ended up hiking around a beach!

Western Grebe

This guy went slowly paddling by under us.

Desert Sailing

I think that is Tetilla peak in the background (*giggle*).

A brief rest

We were tired and the multiple rattlesnake bites were starting to smart.

Back to the Desert

We filled our vegan water skins and headed back into the desert.

Another day, another mountain

Put another notch on the old walking stick.

Amazing the Women-folk

Our tales of adventure are always a treat for those doily-knitting namby-pamby, girly-types.

Night falls

Birthday dinner

Mostly made by Rebecca

Birthday Cake

Made by ME!

Night hike

No need to fear the coyotes when you have Jax along!

In the Arroyo

Sun coming up over the pinon and cactus

Starting our hike on Forest Loop Road

Its only a road in the loosest since of the word...

Looking for pinon nuts

Looking back.

It was all uphill outward bound.

Ugly scene in a pretty desert scene

I try not to notice as someone throws a tantrum.

Colors of the desert

Getting up into the foothills

Stopping to remove a cactus needle


I stayed home from shopping and was rewarded with getting to meet this little cutie in the courtyard!

Come closer!!!!

Enduring a chorus of "Happy Birthday"

Thai Vegan

Rebecca shoves her mother along into the restaurant

Best lunch ever?

Rebecca says yes.