Yurt Camping Spring 2009 Vacation Speakers on!

The Birches Yurt

Everything you could want...except running water and electricity, if you are into such things.

Nice touch!


No mosquitoes yet, but the black flies were certainly present. Fortunately for Rebecca, as always, they followed me around and left her alone.


A pleasant Spring sight.

Hiking straight up

Can you guess why it is called the Birches?

The rigors of vacation

To our left is a rippling mountain stream. Above us are swaying birches.

Back to his roots

Yurts are nothing new to Alfie's people.

Espresso Guru

Maybe she actually filled it with plain dirt. That would explain the taste.

Waiting for Dinner

Getting started on dinner

Place had everything...peelers, cutting boards, knives. Handy.

Grilling Labor

It is hard work.

Exhaustion setting in

And yet I grill on

Action shot

Here you see me swatting away a black fly


Yum closer

Dogs, beans, potoatoes, carrots

Stuffing our faces

A good shot of us chowing down.


Its Rebecca's birthday so I will do woman's work just this once.

On guard

We felt very safe with Alfie watching the front door for us.

Time for homework

Incantation time

David says: incendia originus illegitimi

And there is fire

Night view

Alfie is still on guard.

Moonlit Yurt

A good spot to do some astronomy.

Looking for bears

Alfie was ready to kick some bear butt.

Blair Witch Project

Its hard to keep Beck from the camera all the time.

Breakfast: Ployes

Traditional Acadian breakfast. Oh, and some more of Rebecca's untraditional coffee sludge.

Lost in thought

Rebecca tries to think of something to add to the Yurt Journal.

Moment of genius!

Then the Muses descend upon her and she is inspired...

Nice Yurt!!!

The gift of expression is something she inherited.

Morning View

And it rained during the night. Wonderful to sleep to.


I am NOT doing dishes again. This is rinsing. There is a difference.

Who put all these trees here?

Alfie had a hard time with the trees. They kept grabbing his leash and tangling him up.

Order is restored.

Washing dishes the natural way. I.e., the wife doing it.

Mountain Stream

You could always hear this running. Very soothing.