Dad's Birthday 2009 Vacation Speakers on!

Tales of Texas...

We all listen to Slurb hold court at the Irish Lion.

Another John Collins, please

Fortunately the waiter looked me over and brought me but one TOM Collins.

The Chairs! The Chairs!

Mom can't bear to look at all those chairs!

Mike gets his crossword puzzle face on.

Five letters: Preparing to erupt.

Yikes! What got Ann going?

She's not looking at me. Maybe its the way Joe eats pizza.

Okay, what CAN you eat?

On day 2, Mom gets tired of trying to cook the vegan something, and prepares me a dish of heated salt.

Waiting for Cake

Family will tolerate a good deal of enforced togetherness if there is cake as a reward.

Pizza cutting

Mom offered to cut my pizza so I didn't feel I could say anything...

Scissored Pizza

I guess it works. Thank you, Gail!

Guest of Honor

At least a brief glimpse.

The Ever-emoting Ann!

NOW what is her issue?

Getting close to Jason.

I can't really recommend it.

Compare and contrast

Top cake is extremely tasty and will wreck you if you are lactose intolorant, up your cholesteral, and make you fat. The bottom cake is extremely tasty and will only make you fat.

Slurb cam!

Let's make a deal...

Dad discusses possibility of a temporary wig from Jason who has plenty to spare.

NY Times Crossword

We were led by Joe in this endeavor.

Applause for my cake

Oh, and maybe some for Dad too.

Let's get THIS out of the way...

That's better

The Lecture

Slurb explains the camera...particularly noting that it doesn't need to be turned sideways.

The Enternal Triangle

In this photo I am taking a picture of Colleen taking a picture of Chris taking a picture of the rest of us.

Gail told me to put my camera away

Difficult model

Lizzie and Sadie try to talk Tris into joining the photo shoot

"Test Your Might!"

Slurb never got to play Mortal Kombat, so he had to do something!

Greg and Gail

Not a great photo of Cheese or Gail, but its a pretty good one for Joe.