Halloween 2008 Vacation Speakers on!

A pirate's life for me!

The porch is officially 'shipshape'!

Playing nice

After plying 3 bottles o' rum, I was able to get Rebecca to dress like a pirate! I thought she was going to have fun...

Belay that knocking!

THEN the trick or treaters started interupting her grub. It awoke her inner pirate, to say the least.

Pirate's Gold

TorTs (Trick or Treaters) had to walk by the pirate's gold as it was dug up.

Thirsty work

Note the two empty bottles o' rum to the left.

Nuggets and pieces of eight!

Oh, and the bones of the last guy that helped bury it.

Bituthene Jolly Roger!

Little known fact: in the winter, pirates left the ships and worked as roofers in Maine!

This is so much fun!

Becky's not cold...she is horribly embarrassed.

Sailing through the Autumn night

The Dash sails again!

Such fun!

Rebecca is hoping the fun never stops!

Alfie closes up shop

He waited as patiently as he could for his evening walk, and finally just chases away all the TorTs.


Until next year...

This year I took a bit of a departure from the horrifying, and focused on a pirate theme. Turned the porch into the Pirate Ship The Dash. Lots of pirate sounds and I played a continuous loop of sea shanties and drinking songs. Pirate's treasure is on display, freshly dug up. I have a couple of movies that give you an idea of the ambiance.