H Sisters visit Maine 2008 Vacation

Now to work!

First thing we did was get them started on the dishes we had been saving for them all week

A brief rest

They are allowed to rest long enough for Rebecca to explain tomorrow's duties to them

In search of Squirrel Point Light

Its not a park...you have to trek through the countryside to find it.

A good walk

The walk through the woods was as nice as the destination

Apple Picking Time

Actually from the look of the apples, it looked like picking time was about a month earlier. Didn't stop Rebecca...

Through the Pines

Closer to the ocean, we switched to a pine forest

Almost there...

There were a lot of dangerous tree roots on this walk. Surprised nobody did a face plant.

Squirrel Point Light

Here's the caretaker's house. Those windows at the top were unusual.

The Light

Protects ships coming up the Kennebeck. The Bath Shipyard is just a few more miles up the river.

View from the river


More picking

The last set of worm eaten apples didn't not put off Rebecca

Mystery Plant

Mom wanted to look up what this plant was later.

New Town Cemetery

All kinds of interesting cemeteries in Maine. This one was just off the side of the road on our way back from Squirrel Point.

The "new" stones

These were the newer stones...from the mid 1800's.

Archeologist on site

This guy was looking for the foundations of a church that was apparently nearby a long time ago. He knew quite a bit about the place. Here he showing Rebecca a grave for a Revolutionary War soldier.

All but forgotten

This was interesting. These graves have been completely overgrown and are being reclaimed by the forest.

Haunted Bowdoin Tour

Mom and Aunt Ruth experience my Haunted Bowdoin Tour.

Preparing to enter a scary building

They were screaming in terror just a few moments later.

3-13 Time!

I have to say, it's an awesome card game.

Victory for Mom.

She earns herself a cat butt.

Walker Art Museum

Couldn't break it to Mom that this wasn't an exhibit...

Crossing the mighty Androscoggin

In search of grub

Good Reading

Mom enjoys my article in Downeast Dog News.


I was proud of these

Scrabble time

Rebecca seems shocked that Mom could take the lead, however briefly.


But you know she is up to something...

What does this subtle smile say to you?

Seven letter word being used on a triple word square...