Jensons visit Maine 2008 Vacation

Jet Lag

After unique air travel experience we left them to sit here like this for five hours.

Have paddle, will travel!

Scary dock not enough to deter L and D.


I nearly got stuck getting this photo, so I am putting it in!


"Port, you fools!" I scream to no avail.

A rest on the other side of Thomas Point



Ann shares

No thank you, I can see the dead crab from here.

Please do not taught the lions.

Aristotle looks on disapprovingly/

Or the bears!

Giant Stairs in Harpswell


Fun at the Giant Stairs

Can YOU find Lizzie in this picture?

Typical Maine beach

"You kids get offa muh rocks!"

Lizzie...aka, the Mountain Goat

The correct answer is SNAILS

Looking for the Witch of Harpswell


This whole scene reminded me too much of the scary story Lizzie sent us for Christmas!

Lizzie attempts to "communicate"

How do you say FUN!!!!



Alfie showing the kids the Campus


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