Polaris Cottage Vacation

First view

The first view I got of the backyard. Dragonflies were everywhere! Can you find the dragonfly in this scene?

More of the same

I had to get a couple of shots in. It was very pretty.

More of the same

This was nice to wake up to every morning.

On the inlet

I took this view of the cottage from one of the rocks on the calm inlet that makes for easy canoe access. If you look to the right-middle, you can see a duck crossing the yard.

Evening over the Lake

I took this calm photo the first evening right from the living room.

First Night Dinner

The cottage had a nice kitchen that made cooking easy. The first night was chili!

Starting off on the first ride

The plan for the first ride was to take a short ride to Skiff Lake or something similar. However, for some reason I had us turn right instead of left out of the driveway...

Big Turtle

We came across this guy early on. He glared at me for awhile, and then decided to get back into the water.

Highway, New Brunswick style

It never got much more urban than this stretch. Really made for relaxing riding with lots of wildlife.

Heading North up North Lake?

Not really. I thought this was North Lake and that we were heading north. Actually this was the Thoroughfare that connects North Lake with Grand Lake

Maine border

That we weren't heading into the interior of New Brunswick became apparent when we saw the border guards....

Orient, Maine

Once we recovered our bearings, we had no trouble adjusting to riding in Maine.

Boundary Road

We headed up the Boundary Road looking for Route 1. At this point we decided, "What the heck? Let's just circumnavigate Grand Lake!"

On Route 1

Route 1 up here is pretty quiet. Just the occassional log truck. We don't actually get to those mountains in the distance.

House in a meadow

If you ever wanted a fixerup to tinker with, there are plenty in this area. In fact, at one point I mentioned that "House for sale" must be New Brunswick's provencial motto.

On the road to Danforth

We stopped to eat some snacks and have a drink before we tackle this next hill.

Million Dollar view

Our first glimpse of what is called the "million dollar view" near Westen, Maine


This is Brackett Lake spilling into the western side of Grand Lake which we are cycling around.

Looking ahead

We knew that we would be on the other side in those hills later that afternoon.

Maine Interior

Looking away from Grand Lake. I am sure this would also make great cycling.

Road to Brookton

We had to take a big dip southwards down to Brookton away from the Lake.

Heading back to Canada

After Brookton there was a great country road that took us back up north towards Forest City

Rolling hills

We kinda thought it would get less hilly as we approached the Lake again. Didn't really prove to be the case.

The Arm

Here we are at the southernmost point of Grand Lake, the area known as The Arm. Now we just have to climb Walls Hill, and then its down to Forest City.

Heading into Forrest City

The road into Forrest City is very pretty. Natural, but also with a lot of pretty houses. Forrest City isn't really anything like a city nowadays.

Back in Canada

We are back in Canada and heading North again. The US guys at the border had a good time telling Rebecca about the mother bear and cub that had been sited in the woods ahead. They also warned us to watch out for moose.

Rural Canada

This stretch on the east side of Grand Lake was probably the most rural section of any riding we did.

Pemberton Ridge

I'll admit that I walked up this hill. I need a rest and I figured this monster hill was a good time to take a break! Yeah, yeah...Becky motored right up it...

Looking West

Here we are on the west side of Grand Lake now looking from the view we saw near Westin. (Also: can you spot the dragonfly?)

O, Canada!

Heading towards Green Mountain

Now its a Bike ride!

Our first moose sighting! A mother with her calf!

The Waiting Game

We were very cautious. We just kept waiting for them to go back into the trees.

Escaping the bugs

We were waiting for them to leave, but they were clearly enjoying the breeze and the relief from the black flies.

Back to the woods

As much as she liked the breeze, she finally decided she didn't like us much and they wandered off into the trees. (Can you spot the dragonfly?)

Happy Moose

Not much later we came across this guy. He was a lot easier to watch since he clearly had no intention of coming anywhere near us. Had time to take a brief movie too.

Coming down from Green mountain

Barely even noticed the climb up Green Mountain..we were so excited about seeing our first moose!

Trout Cove

There's the northwest corner of Grand Lake. Means we have just about finished our loop.

Heading back to North Lake

We've circled Grand Lake. Now its time to ride back up to the cottage.

Almost there

Does she look like she just rode 62 miles?

Back again!

Just a hundred feet to go!

Relaxing Dip

As in me taking a dip...not a dip relaxing. I'm not on my cellphone in this photo. Probably just picking my nose.

Planning the next ride

Rebeccca and I planning our next ride in the living room. But we both agreed we would take the next day off. We were pretty beat.

Pileated Woodpecker

We saw plenty of wildlife on our vacation, including this woodpecker that tried out some of the trees in the backyard one morning.

Geese and goslings

We took one day off to restock supplies in Woodstock and then to just putter around the cottage. Between naps, I watched the geese hanging out in the backyard.

Ride to Eel Lakes

We had recooperated enough to take a ride in the other direction. Its a gentle climb almost the whole way on 123 this direction.

Some problems

Rebecca turned out to be a lot more tired than she realized.

Heading Back

Fortunately, most of the way back is down-ish

Roadside Bog

I just missed a shot of a blue heron taking off from this bog.

Roadside Bog

This roadside stop beats the office watercooler hands down!

Winding Road

Typical winding road in New Brunswick. Also shows typical traffic patterns.

The Trekers

I asked a particularly large dragonfly to take this snap of Rebecca and I

Chicken-less Stew

What can I say? I was proud of the stew I made on the second night!

Nap time

After lunch, Rebecca needed a rest. It was at this time that I also discovered that the back rack on her bike had fallen down and was dragging on her wheel this morning. No wonder she's exhausted!

Canoeing the Lake

On the third day we took the canoe out for a spin.

Lake View

No matter how much I pleaded, Rebecca always made sure she stuck her paddle into my scenic shots

Port-side View

I'll try the other side...much better...oh wait! Argh!

Pay no attention to the paddle

If this is blurry its because I am whacking Rebecca with my paddle while trying to take this photo. Doesn't help.

Panning starboard

I pan to starboard for another nice view Eastwards. Stupid paddle.

Nearing the shore

Should have figured out earlier that she just wanted to be in the photo. Maybe now I can get a decent shot.

Heading back to the cottage

We are coming back into port now.

Dinner #3

Whole wheat pasta, spaghetti, and steamed brocolli!

Ride to Canterbury

With Rebecca's bike fixed up, we were ready to roll again. This time we flew right past the Eel Lakes and headed onward. This is Skiff Lake.

Nice spot

I think I have found my retirement home.

Skiff Lake Canteen

No time to stop for drinks

Heading Back

The only problem with this morning's ride was that it ws cold! Rebecca is wearing three layers here.


Lots of pretty lupine wherever we went

Shore to shore

I was proud of this shot.