David Francis

Occassionally I (or my projects) become enshrined in the media!

Michael Franz and I discuss Stanford University's Strengthening Democracy Challenge and Media Trades.

Jackson Harrower and I discuss Media Trades and its uses.

Ellen Tani and I discuss the exhibit and the development of our audio devices.

Amber Orosco '19, Stephen Pastoriza '19, Benjamin Wu '18, and Anne Goodyear discuss the exhibition and the use of mobile technology to enhance the exhibition experience.

Katie Bavoso explores Adams Hall and interviews me for some unsettling details!

Anne Goodyear and I explore some of the interesting aspects of the presidential portraits in Hubbard Hall.

David Francis @introvertdev

I provide technical support for various digital initiatives for the Bowdoin College Museum of Art, the Arctic Museum, and the Bowdoin Library's Special Collections. Additionally I provide support for faculty projects. At Bowdoin, I have had the opportunity to use all the skills I have learned to develop a variety of applications and, of course, learn about all the many haunted aspects of this fine institution!

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Oregon Trail game clip Ancient Software

In contrast to my current projects I feel compelled to list my some of my past ventures that remain (sometimes inexplicibly) in production!

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What's in a Name?

Over the years I have received many questions about the names of software projects I have overseen. Here is a listing of all the ones I can remember. I swear there was a reason for each name but I may not be able to remember why...

Drag the application names over to the correct definitions. Can you match them all?