One-way bridge...

Travel in New Zealand inevitably crosses through challenging and breathtakingly beautiful terrain.
One-way bridges are common.

... with railroad option

Especially those that that accommodate an occasional train!

Tranzalpine RR / Southern Alps

So it's tempting to take the train rather than to drive.  This train crosses the Southern Alps from the east coast (Christchurch) to the
west (Greymouth).  The change in climate from the east to the west coast is dramatic.

Waterfall/west coast

The west coast is more tropical than the east coast.  It is an area of boundless beauty, as seen in this waterfall above a
glacial valley.

Giant fern/west coast

Rain forests abound also on the west coast.  Many ferns grow to 10-12 feet high.

Kiwi - NZ national bird

The kiwi is one of many flightless bird species in New Zealand.  The kiwi nearly became extinct, but has made a
comeback in recent years.


The kea is a mountain parrot that has unusual curiosity; this one's unabashedly tearing away at Meg's jacket sleeve.